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"Linntett" is the sextet of baritone saxophonist and composer Kira Linn. After two released modern jazz albums (2017 "Nature" , Double Moon Records, 2020 "A Traveller's Tale", Laika Records), the band takes a slightly different musical path with their new album which will be released in the fall of 2022.


For the new program, Kira Linn has been inspired by electronic and pop music. They play jazz music with elements of neo-soul, indie and avant-garde pop. In doing so, the Linntett combines the acoustic sound of alto, tenor and baritone saxophone with the electronic sound of electric bass, synthesizers and Rhodes and electronic effects. Through the multi-layered arrangements and expressive improvisations, the jazz background is recognizable. In addition, pulsating beats and synthetic sound clouds take the listener on a musical journey through different emotional worlds. For the first time, Kira Linn uses her voice as a sonic element and lyrics as another stylistic device. 


The Linntett tours regularly and has already played more than 40 concerts, among others at the Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich, at the Jazzrally Düsseldorf and the International Jazz Week Burghausen.


"It's also their love of large-scale formations that informs their music, with catchy themes, lush saxophone phrases and well-thought-out arrangements." (Jazz'n'More)


"Premises for the bandleader seem to be keeping a sonic aesthetic at a high level and very respectfully combining the traditional with the modern." (Concerto Magazine)


"Especially in improvisation, the wind players take very different paths and yet complement each other perfectly. Each musician provides impulses that are taken up, varied and integrated by the other musicians." (Jazzpodium)



Kira Linn - baritone saxophone / bass clarinet / voice / composition

Nino Wenger - alto saxophone / flute

Christopher Kunz - tenor - / soprano saxophone

Lukas Großmann - piano / synthesizer

Lukas Keller - bass

Johannes Koch - drums

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